BCW Inclusion & Diversity.


In today’s landscape, brands and marketers must acknowledge and prepare for the shift to an entirely new general market where diverse audiences are demanding to be seen, heard, represented and respected.

Many companies are also struggling with whether to enter complex conversations around race, social justice and important social issues because they fear that they lack the requisite credibility to engage. At BCW, we believe that continuing to sit on the sidelines is more damaging than slowly wading in with humility and grace.

We partner with brands to ensure inclusion & diversity are an authentic part of your narrative, approach and actions. Working across all industries, we utilize an I.D.E.A. approach alongside two unique offerings: BCW Polycultural and Acting on Racial Inequality.

I.D.E.A. Approach

At BCW, we help companies take an I.D.E.A. approach, infusing inclusion & diversity into your organization through the lenses of:

  • Inclusion: Focus on inclusive actions and behaviors, consciously managing bias and bias interrupting, integrated into outcomes
  • Diversity: Mirror the marketplace of stakeholders you serve, including considerations for ethnicity/race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, veteran status, caregiving, disabilities, thinking style and all intersections
  • Equity: Consider and provide what different groups need by ensuring policies and practices provide an equal opportunity regardless of diversity dimension
  • Accountability: Ensure all systems, practices and policies are aligned with inclusivity, diversity and equity, supported by your leadership and culture and amplified via reporting out to external stakeholders

To learn more, please contact businessdevelopment@bcw-global.com.

BCW's 2021 I.D.E.A. Commitments

We are committed to a just and safe workplace for all people. Last June, we published our 2020 Inclusivity Pledge outlining the steps we planned to take to make BCW a more inclusive, equitable place to work. We recently published a summary of our progress and the continued investment in this work, which can be found here.

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