Shedding light on a perennial problem

As a socially responsible brand, 93.5 RED FM, India’s leading radio station, puts together a list of causes that affects its listeners every year. In 2017, RED FM found that almost 30 people died every day in Mumbai due to potholes in roads. Shocked by this statistic, RED FM partnered with Genesis BCW to create a campaign called ‘Mumbai Khadde Mein’ or ‘Mumbai in a Hole’ to help advocate safer roads and ensure a solution to the problem at hand—potholes.

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Monsoon Mayhem

Pothole-riddled roads have been a constant feature of Mumbai over several years, despite tall claims of road repairs before every monsoon. With complaints pouring in, RED FM knew that it would need to do something dramatic to get the government to sit up and take notice. The 'Mumbai Khadde Mein' or 'Mumbai In A Hole' campaign showcased why potholes were a major hazard. Popular RJ Malishka made a pothole rap video and parody inspired by a Marathi folk song, titled “Mumbai, Tula BMC var Bharosa Nay Ka?" taunting the BMC to take action, that caused an immediate uproar!

A Downpour of Support

The campaign swept through Mumbai like a tidal wave! Everyone, including the authorities, stood up and took notice. The retaliation from BMC was met with mass public outrage and extensive support for RJ Malishka and the channel, strengthening its position as a socially responsible brand.

The Tidal Wave of Success

With 154 unique stories, reaching 70 million people the “Mumbai, Tula BMC var Bharosa Nay Ka?” had 25 million views with 0.5 million shares leading to + 20K comments. The result was that the Public Works Department (PWD) minister promised that potholes on all state highways and arterial roads in the state will be filled by December 15, 2017.

2019 PRWeek Asia Awards

Gold Award Media, Arts & Entertainment - RED FM - RED FM on Fleek

2018 PR Awards Asia

Gold Award Public Education - Red FM - Mumbai Khadde Mein (Mumbai in a Pothole)

2018 Fulcrum Awards

Gold Best Entertainment & Media Sector Campaign – Red FM - Mumbai Khadde Mein (Mumbai in a Pothole)

2018 Fulcrum Awards

Gold Best use of Creativity & Innovation - Red FM - Mumbai Khadde Mein (Mumbai in a Pothole)

2018 Asia Pacific Excellence Awards

Winner Viral Campaign - Red FM - Mumbai Khadde Mein (Mumbai in a Pothole)