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Channelizing conversations to shape the narrative of gender pay gap

When Monster India approached Genesis BCW to help position the Monster Salary Index (MSI), its annual salary benchmarking index, we saw it as an opportunity to help address the glaring gender pay gap, a statistic highlighted in all the studies conducted till date!

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Backing Conversations with Data

Presenting credible hard facts, the MSI report brought to light an issue that plagues workplaces—gender pay disparity. However, there was more to it - an additional layer of qualitative intervention, to tell the story behind the numbers, making conversations on gender pay parity the need of the hour!

Monster substantiated the MSI annual study with the engaging Women of India Inc. survey on’s database capturing responses from about 5500 working women and men. By creating that additional surround sound, and amplifying the opinions shared by scholars, world leaders and leading worldwide employers the campaign kickstarted these conversations all while making the Monster Salary Index a credible data source to support such discussions!

Women Power

Releasing the findings of MSI integrated with Women of India Inc. on the eve of the International Women’s Day to leverage the ongoing interest on the subject and shape conversations. And it didn't take long for the MSI report to come out on top as a leading, organic credible source. Women across the board stepped up to participate and drive more conversations!

Setting Benchmarks

In just the first 3 days of launching, we received 7 million impressions with over 350+ major media coverages! However, the most critical shift was the increase in participation by 30%, helping the MSI set a credible benchmark.

2018 Fulcrum Awards

Gold Best Use of Content - - Channelising Conversations to Shape the Narrative of Gender Pay Gap

2018 Fulcrum Awards

Silver Best Services - - Channelizing Conversations to Shape the Narrative of Gender Pay Gap