At the limit: Player Workload in Elite Professional Men’s Football

BCW Brussels developed a concept, a methodology, and an analytical system to gather and strategically interpret data for a report on behalf of FIFPRO, the International Union of Professional Football Players. This unique report delivered in a massive way, highlighting key deleterious effects of the modern match calendar while garnering widespread media attention and social media engagement.

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Building a Champion Report

BCW Brussels turned a critical eye to the modern match calendar in elite football, building on previous FIFPRO reports which utilized medical findings and player surveys. Over the course of a year, BCW went deep with 16 player profiles drawn from four continents. The player profiles helped bring the medical data and player surveys into focus for what turned out to be a highly enlightening and actionable report.

BCW Scores Attention for FIFPRO

BCW’s report on the effects of the match calendar garnered serious media buzz. Potential impressions on social media totalled a quarter of the planet, and the report spurred 258 articles in major outlets such as the BBC and CNN.

A Clear Goal

BCW’s report enabled FIFPRO to develop seven strategic and attainable recommendations for league officials to limit the risks associated with the current match calendar.