European Commission

Helping the European Commission kick off World Refugee Day.

The Refugee Crisis in Europe is no laughing matter. So when the European Commission tasked BCW with raising awareness about it, we knew this campaign had to make an impact. Instead of building another crisis campaign designed to pull on heartstrings, we wanted to do something that people would remember—like teaming up with Europe’s biggest footballers to offer a new face of refugee humanity.

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European Commission| BCW

Europeans love football (soccer)—it’s a scientific fact. So when we realized that World Refugee Day coincided with the Euro16 football tournament, it seemed like the perfect platform for raising awareness about the plight of refugees.

Working with the Union of European Football Associations and the International Federation of Professional Footballers, we tapped two of Europe’s biggest football stars—Marouane Fellaini and Anja Mittag—to lead our efforts. Armed with a powerful message and the attention of a continent, they (and we) launched the #SupportRefugees campaign, aimed at showing Europeans how refugees are just like them.

Real-world Change

Over 548 million Europeans experienced our campaign, leading to eye-opening, real-world change.