Blue Air

Bringing a breath of fresh air to the Nordics.

When newcomer Blue Air decided to launch their air purification products in Northern Europe, they knew they’d need help standing out. Fortunately for them, a centuries-old obsession meant breathing easy when it came to marketing.

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Playing into the clean air obsession.

Famously obsessed with fresh air and the fact that they had it, the Nordic cultures were more than a little skeptical when it came to purchasing air purification products. So rather than building a traditional messaging campaign to launch Blue Air, we thought, Why not show them the truth about what they’re breathing?

Enter Air View—a real-time, location-based microsite that showcased air quality at any given moment. Launched with the help of the World Allergy Organization, tier-one media outlets, digital influencers and paid social ads, we spread the word about air pollution and positioned Blue Air as a leader in the fight for our lungs.

sales increase during campaign
Delivering the good.

Northern Europe embraced Blue Air with open lungs. Air View drew over 100,000 unique visitors within weeks of launch, boosting Blue Air sales by over 61%—their highest ever. Endorsed by key opinion leaders worldwide, Air View has since rolled out in China, France, Germany, the UK, the US and beyond.

2017 D&AD Professional Award