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Providing support during COVID-19 with #NatureNurtures

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when Americans were asked to stay inside and away from one another, Tom’s of Maine approached BCW about making a difference during a difficult time. We knew we could develop a program that felt true to the brand by bringing the healing power of the outdoors to people while supporting local businesses along the way.

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Making the best of it.

COVID-19 created a huge shift in the world we once knew. With the United States entering lockdown, not only were small businesses forced to close, but Americans had to stay home to stay safe, in some cases without access to the outdoors. At a time when the healing benefits of nature were being especially missed, Tom’s of Maine wanted to make a difference in a meaningful way.

#NatureNurtures allowed Tom’s of Maine to bring the outdoors, indoors. With the help of 50 nominated small wellness businesses across the country, we brought the outdoors “in” with unique video experiences driven by small businesses, like an Alaskan arctic dog ride and goat yoga in Idaho. Tom’s of Maine received record engagement from followers and coverage from top outlets while allowing small businesses to receive much needed financial support while connecting people to the healing power of nature.

Supporting business indoors.

#NatureNurtures was a big success. With record engagement levels on the Tom’s of Maine Instagram to media coverage across HGTV, People, Happi and Yahoo, people were excited to support their favorite local businesses while finding peace of mind and relaxation during a time of uncertainty.

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The healing power of nature.

Tom’s of Maine proved that nature really could heal and connect us, even when we’re indoors. $50,000 was donated to small wellness businesses in the U.S. while increasing Instagram engagement by 353%.