Star Sports

Empowering the women of India to #CrossTheLine.

When leading Indian sports network Star Sports decided to launch a women’s league for the male-dominated kabaddi, the question on everyone’s lips was the same—who’s going to watch it? But rather than let that stop them, they turned to BCW. And we changed Indian sports culture forever.

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Making a movement.

In India, kabaddi is a “man’s sport.” It’s a full-contact, high-octane affair and only through an absolute onslaught of rough athleticism can players score points by crossing a simple white line. To the women of India, however, crossing the line wasn’t just a goal. It was a stand for equality, a taking what’s theirs, a declaration of their power as human beings.

That’s why we didn’t just sell a league. We built a movement of empowerment focused on the women of India who were breaking boundaries and crossing lines. Using documentary film and a promotional tour to tell the story, we ignited a country-wide conversation and drew thousands to the new league.  

“Just 2 women’s kabaddi matches get more viewers than Euro 2016.”
Economic Times
Winning the day.

We broke every record in Indian sports history. Reaching over 125 million Indians in just a month and earning 3x the number of viewers of the Euro 2016 championships, we drove unthinkable ticket sales, match views and support for the league. 

reach in one month
viewers of final league match
Igniting Conversation

Within days of launching the campaign, the internet was aflame with talk of the league.