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When decided to go after Millennials, we knew that a simple campaign just wouldn’t float their boat. Instead, we focused on the sensation of the summer season—inflatables—and built an experience that turned heads, tugged heartstrings and still managed to keep people thinking about travel.

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Giving floats a second chance.

In the summer of 2017, social media was dominated by one thing—funky inflatables. From pizza slices and donuts to unicorns, flamingos and more, these floating friends were everywhere and Millennials were leading the charge. So when decided to go after the audience, we knew exactly what would make a splash.

We introduced the world to the “Inflatable Sanctuary”—the home for discarded pool floats, equal parts hilarious and heartfelt. Involving both physical activation at a partner hotel and a social experience that swept the globe, we told the story of summer’s favorite creatures and invited the world to help us find their “forever homes.”

Dive in.

It didn’t take long for the world to get onboard with our Inflatable Sanctuary. The floats were adopted by guests at the partner hotel, social went wild with people watching and sharing the story of the inflatables left behind and millennial press across the globe published hundreds of branded articles in celebration.

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Achieving more than treading water.

In just days, we’d earned articles in Teen Vogue, Daily Mail Online, The New York Post and over 450 other major news sources—making it one of the most successful campaigns of the summer. And on social, Millennials went crazy, with over 215,000 video views on a single Facebook post and a reach extension of over 650K.