The birth of Sorbeer.

When Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic started feeling the heat from craft breweries, they came to BCW for a cool solution. Our idea? Make Carlsberg the tastiest bite of the summer season.

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Building summer’s perfect bite.

When Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic told us they wanted to rekindle people’s love of their unique flavor and exceptional quality, we thought, “Why stop there? Why not let Carlsberg own the whole summer?” So we set about for a little stroke of genius that would have this beer on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

Our solution? Team up with one of Sweden’s top ice-cream makers and create SorBeer—a summer treat so craveably delicious people couldn’t stop themselves from lining up, snapping pictures and talking about it everywhere.

Cones in the air.

At the simple announcement of SorBeer—two whole months before we were set to debut—demand was so high (and the media storm so swift) that we were forced to launch the plan early. In a matter of hours, SorBeer was a viral success and even earned mentions from members of Parliament.

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A winning taste.

Simply put, SorBeer was the snack of the summer. Sales surged for Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic, the media went wild and we earned over 10M organic interactions. All with $10,000, a beer and a dream.

2017 SPINN Award

Gold,Brand Builder of the Year - Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic - The Non-Alcoholic Beer